Offshore Engineering Services

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Liuhua TLP FEED Design

Client: COOEC

completion time:2015


  • Naval architecture for global loads, global performance and model test
  • Structure design for hull scantling, strength and fatigue analysis
  • Riser system analysis

Special Features

  • Water depth: 330m and 408m
  • Design condition: 1000 year typhoon


  • Global wind and current loads design data
  • Wave/wind/vim model test specification
  • Wind tunnel test correlation
  • Global performance verification with Sesam
  • Design wave recipe with Sesam
  • Global strength verification with Sesam
  • Hull scantling, structural strength, and fatigue report review
  • Tendon porch strength and fatigue review
  • Riser and power cable installation analysis
  • Riser strength verification with Orcaflex