Offshore Engineering Services

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LIUHUA 11-1 FPS Upgrade Structural Analysis & Design

Client: COOEC

completion time: 2011


  • Hull and mooring design basis
  • Strength and fatigue analysis of the semi-submersible FPS
  • Existing structure strength & fatigue evaluation
  • Structural design for hull dry-docking upgrade
  • Final design with ABS Class approval

Special Features

  • Integrated structural and hydro analysis
  • SESAM super-element FEA modeling
  • Detailed spectral fatigue analysis
  • Hull strengthening & refurbishment design


  • Hull and mooring design basis report
  • Inplace structural strength analysis report
  • Inplace structural fatigue analysis report
  • Wet tow strength and fatigue analysis report
  • Hull dry-docking strength design report
  • Dry-docking inspection manual